Meal Plan Monday, Cinco

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This is my fifth week doing <a href=”; title=”Menu Plan Monday”></a>

I’m planning to make about 3 cooked meals and the rest will be raw vegan.  With that said here’s my meal plan for the week.  I’m making this last early on Tuesday morning, so my Monday is what I actually ate:
MONDAY-  Breakfastrice crackers & tea       last week:banana icecream

Lunchlentil soup   last week: plums

Dinner– lentil soup & rice last week: Cooked Gumbo and fresh made guacamole w/ chips  Midnight SnackPapaya

TUESDAY- Breakfastbanana pudding birthday “cake”  last week: watermelon

Lunchpears in banana icecream    last week: watermelon  

Dinnermexican rice, zuke noodles

WEDNESDAY- Breakfastnectarines, apples, banana milk    last week: Melon & grapes

Lunchcarrot/raisin salad     last week: Grapes     

DinnerSalad w/ almond-orange dressing and corn pasta & black beans
THURSDAY- Breakfast– apples & bananas (oatmeal for whoever wants it)

Lunch– rice salad 

DinnerZuke noodles,  Jicama & hummus and Salad w/ avocado
FRIDAY –Breakfast–  Pears & bananas

Lunch– zuke noodles

Dinner–  polenta & zuke noodles & raw hummus SATURDAY- Breakfast Apple cereal w/ banana milk            

Lunch– fruit salad & sweet potato fries       

DinnerZucchini hummus w/ veggie chips, Salad w/ pears
SUNDAYBreakfast– Bananas smoothie             

Lunch– Cooked veggie soup                               

Dinner– zucchini noodles with mango/date sauce & herbs


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