Financial Considerations

Budget and Spending

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I found the book Money Love by Meadow DeVor for free download on I’m reading this book, as well as Your Money, Your Life and I’m looking for an online budget that I want to use.

The goal will be to use it everyday. When I find the one I want(before the 1st of the month), I’ll post the info here and put it up on my desktop. I can’t wait to see how my finances end up for October, with my realization and commitment to the importance of daily budgeting.

I also found the site which is a site that has a list of buyers and sellers wanting to trade services for a fixed price of $5.  I figured I’d try it out and it was pretty easy to get a couple of gigs by responding to buyers.  I also listed myself as a seller.  In a week my life coaching courses should open and this week I’m submitting poetry and stories to a few paid markets.  I’ve been working a long time to get to this point, and I can’t wait to see how it works, what needs to be tweaked and what is ready to go.


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