Enough of Not Enough Sleep! Setting My Spiritual Priorities Straight

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The last week or so…(I honestly don’t know how long due to lack of proper sleep), I’ve been in a bit of a daze.  I’ve been worrying a little, procrastinating a little, undecided about major decisions and trying to stay committed to my goals, in other words staying up too late to work on stuff or distract myself.

From a spiritual standpoint, I view dreams as one of the major sources of everyday divinity that can be gleaned from life.  I have gotten some powerful dreams during this vague time period, but I’ve lost a lot of them too, haven’t remembered them as vividly as possible, woke-up startled by the world going on around me, and ventured into some unsavory images between closing and opening my eyes and actual sleeping.

Ten  hours will be my go to goal… for daily sleep.  I remember the guilt as a child about how much I slept, and how adults feared it would make me lazy.  But I also remember what empowerment I got from spending a lot of time in dreaming.  I think it is definitely very important and with a lot of sleep, waking time can be more energetic and productive and used more efficiently.  Not to mention the groundedness and calm vs. easily stressed when low on sleep.

I’m making more new goals, to coincide with working in the spiritual/healing field and making sure I feel grounded and connected in the next month to the cosmic and earthly changes that are rapidly approaching.  I remember about 3 years ago first connecting to all of this phenomena and had some very distinct experiences, synchronicities and values unfold.  It was connecting to these stories through Drunvalo Melchizedek‘s books that became the catalyst for leaving everything behind and changing the way we wanted to live our lives.  This is what drove us to stop putting value in the American Dream and finding the Aniweda Dream.

A series of books, fasting, traveling, spiritual study, growth and practice, and a ton of magical experiences in the natural world, changed everything for us.  Sleeping on the ground was something we adopted as a couple during our yoga teacher training.  I had my first few experiences camping in our first year together and we spent a lot of time on the ground, sleeping, meditating, doing yoga… so much so that my hair knotted up, but that’s another story.

Being in a meditative state definitely improves sleeping.  I think this is why I still received and remembered some very powerful dreams lately.  One of my dreams was very much like the Hopi creation stories, and I haven’t read that story in years, but it definitely resonated with me.  It is amazing how simple meditative processes can infuse your body, environment, sleep, life with the most appropriate healings, teachings and circumstances.  With October 28th being just a month away, I really want to be spiritually prepared for what comes, the way I felt I was 3 years ago, when I first decided to prepare and commit myself to my own intuitive development.

The next step for me will be to start going to bed again at least by 11pm, 5 days of the week.  Waking up early(at least by 6am) and meditating, doing yoga, and eating fruit.  Eating a nourishing diet is very important for spiritual growth.  My own mental health issues have been greatly relieved by focusing on spiritual, body, mind integration.  This was my initial motivation for becoming vegetarian and then vegan.

Another thing that is going to be a little more difficult is getting out into nature.  I’m a weather and environment sensitive person.  My environment is not in the least pretty, but next door there is a space full of grass, trees, flowers.  I want more of course, there is a wooded trail running along the river I intend to visit when I get my bike in working order.  There are few things more balancing and energizing than the serenity of the natural world.  Especially natural waterways.

I want to commit myself to a lot more creative exploration.  I use dance in a shamanic, ceremonial sense.  I long to do this everyday, like I did in the past.  I know it is a great way to spend time with my kids.  I plan to play the guitar everyday, do mantras, chanting in Sanskrit and the Creek language, and regularly tune into my yogic bodies and chakras with sound healing.   The other thing I’ve finally decided to do is to regularly engage in spiritual and intuitive healing for others.

I know this all starts with prioritizing my sleep.  Preparing for and respecting the dream time, and engaging in dream work, in the waking life.  I’ve found my version of Dreams Are Letters From The Soul and I’m planning to get more books by Connie Kaplan in October.  I’m also checking in with my totem animal, spirit guides and keeping my intuitive work journal at hand, at all times…recording the synchronicities, symbolisms, omens, channelings, dreams, everything I perceive in the web of co-creating.  I have truly felt a strong connection for 3+ years that the Mayan 2012 prophecies, are definitely an awakening and many of us are called to duty, to share and sponsor the weaving of a new dream… I’d call it the Aniweda Dreamclaro, que si!

P.S. Check out the movie The Quickening if you can!


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