A Wild Weekend Past

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My daughter’s birthday was Thursday and we found a way to celebrate everyday since…we’re actually not done celebrating. I wish my husband would allow me to celebrate his birthday for a whole week!

Anyway, I made a raw “cake-like concoction” that was more like a banana pudding. It was delicious. And there’s still plenty to eat. It was bananas, nectarines, dates and almonds. It was a lot like a huge, fresh Lara bar. This party thing really freaked me out though. I’m such a last minute person and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.  The “cake” was the ultimate symbolism of this.  I was making it as my guests arrived and my banana icecream, was in no way frozen, it was just cold.  I was glad when they arrived and I decided to just say oh well.

I think I just decided on a party ’cause that’s what I thought I was supposed to do and that’s what she imagined would happen for her birthday. I planned to get this awesome Dora The Explorer pinata(by the way how do you use the squiggly line above the ‘n’). Instead of candy(which we don’t do). It had little bouncy balls in it. Not tiny ones, (which I hate), they were about the size of a one-year-old’s head. (yes I have to think of it like that)

Unfortunately, when I went to the flea market, where I first saw them they didn’t have any. The next step was to go get what I wanted to get her for her birthday. There was a Spanish book with tapes I’d been eyeing for awhile. The program was full of activities and focused on multiple learning techniqes. It however, has 6 tapes to go with it. Well I don’t have a tape player(’cause its 2011!), but I thought a cd/tape player would also be a great gift for a 4-year-old(wholy crap, I’ve been a mom for 4 years!)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cd/tape player, but I did find an amazing cookbook by Dr. McDougall! I’ve been weaning my family off his pre-packaged soups! The cookbook is right up my alley. My husband is definitely going to experience a serious decrease in packaged foods in October.

The McDougall program is a low-fat vegan program, so this is perfect for people who want to start eating healthier in steps. I’ve also decided I’m going to give myself steps to getting back on my ideal lifestyle program. 9 weeks, from fruit for breakfast, to 2 mono meals a day and 80/10/10.

It rained on Sunday(Cue the dramatic music)! I so thought I’d be in Mexico, or Belize or Costa Rica or Florida by now…or somewhere other than Sacramento or NorCal. I’m going to try my best to love it while I’m still here, but I really hope we have a little while before the “rainy season” steps up full blast.

In other news, I’ve been way off with my sleeping schedule and a little confused about the progress I want to take with my blog and business. Thus, the lack of blogs over the past few days. I have been writing a lot more in the poetry and fiction genre’s over the past week though and I’m hoping to make some submissions this week.  Oh well, at least I’ve taken the step to writing publishing this one.


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