I’ve Been Around The Blogging Block…

and I..I…I, I can’t find my blog theme, that I really want. I really want something that highlights my categories on the first page. Makes my blog title and blurb look nice(I think this one does pretty good), looks clean but colorful(this one is colorless). I also want to be able to show my twitter feed(maybe not on this blog, but for now I want to see how this goes) and a link to other blogs and my recent posts. I’d rather have just one blog post on the front page, though.

Screenshot of the blogging system WordPress.

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If you’re reading this and none of what I’m saying reflects my current blog appearance, that means I’ve hopefully found my blog theme, or I’m playing with another one.  I wrote on my Manifestations of Me page that blogging is a dream come true for me.  Before I understood what blogging was, the idea occurred to me and I wished I could just use my own space to write about what I know and what I think is important or interesting to share with people.  I’m so pleasantly surprised that I finally stuck with a blog and I’m seeing a great growth in my own comfort and competence, as well as from my audience.

I thought I’d test out this blogging thing and see how it worked out.  Previously I spent the years writing on www.associatedcontent.com as well as http://www.Odesk.com and a few other article writing, freelance opportunities.  I decided I no longer wanted to do that kind of work.  I also spent some time submitting more creative work to print and online magazines.  This is definitely lacks stability for my lifestyle.  I don’t really like to spend forever on the internet and I have a tough time being on someone else’s schedule or following strict rules.

This past month, I’ve been mostly lurking on the 31 Days To A New Blog posted on Business2Blogger and Mom Loop.  The challenge was last month and I worked in some of the activities listed, but I’m really started to work on the rest now…I’m a rebel when it comes to scheduled events, it is not on purpose, it just takes me a while to decide to add something new to my repertoire, if I didn’t think it out well ahead of time, and this challenge was something I found around the beginning of the month and I felt I was already behind and overwhelmed by it.  However, it was a really great event and I’m glad to now feel up to the task.

In some ways I have become more clear with some of my goals.  My goal for this blog is to market solely with comments on other blogs, as well as the built in stuff I have already.  With my creative blog I want to specifically advertise many of my posts.  With my business blog I want to advertise with comments as well…and with my community free skool blog I want to advertise by getting guests posts, doing a blog carnival and posting on websites.  I want to write real articles for some of my blogs as well.


My goal for this blog is mostly to journal, gather information from others about my specific brand of alternative living, be accountable to myself, inspire others to create and follow their own dreams and just rant if I really want to.   Looking at my blog, I’m not sure if that’s what I’ve done…and that’s fine, I’m not abandoning it, but I do plan on getting a little distance to help determine how to make my goal more a reality.

This blog has been an experiment and I’m happy with the results so far.  Now that I’ve had several months of blogging, I’m going to be sharing more of my blogging secrets here (not that they’re really secrets).  I also want to share a lot more about the RV lifestyle, parenting (including raising bilingual kids and elimination communication) and my health/nutrition experiences.  I’m excited to this blog grow as I provide less content, but more selective entries.


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