My Work Pt. 2 (Doing What I Love)

So, I’ve been working with the books Coaching the Artist Within and other books by Eric Maisel.  I’ve also gotten some great inspiration from Frederic Patenaude of  I have a file on computer from The Warrior Forum about creating a successful website and I frequent and similar sites, groups and blogs.  I’m pretty serious about making my chosen lifestyle work for me.

My recent foray into Eric Maisel books, however, has really upped the stakes in my working life.  I’ve had to tackle my truths about what I’m good at, what I’m passionate about, what I like to do, and what I’m experienced at, where I have the authority and credentials to work.  Strangely enough, I actually forgot about lots of the experiences I have.  I blame it on mama-brain.

Anyway, after doing the exercises in the book mentioned above, as well as the book “Deep Writing” I quickly gained the confidence, commitment and a feeling of legitimacy that was severely blocking me from progress.  As I wrote on Futuristically Yours, I’ve been confused by and clinging to a past that I’m not altogether sure where I lost it.  In so many ways I feel like everything that I’ve done, I’m redoing.  Not even purposely,  I have authentically arrived at the same conclusions over and over again.  I feel this is sincerely because I have found some of my life purposes, and I’m constantly being led back to them, until I take them on completely.

I hope this blog journeys my progress in starting a business. I know so many people who would like to do this, but the learning curve seems daunting. I have just realized that I have a breastfeeding counselor certificate, a minister license, a yoga teacher training and doula training under my belt, as well as many other professional(weight management coaching, dance teaching, caregiving, restaurant manager) and educational experiences(early literacy, permaculture, and more). I’m a published writer, a psychic and a healer. I’ve also been paid to make music, art, care for animals, life coaching and more.

Despite the looks of confusion and nonchalance that I’ve witnessed when I talk to those I seek approval from about my ideas, goals and projects, I have plenty of proof that I can do this and I should…so I will. I have a little obsession with posting things on craigslist to see if I get a bite. I’ve gotten so many great responses and I know that people need the services I can help them with. I also know that as a fiercely independent, strangely feminist, Margaret Mead adoring, inherently nomadic, savage, breastfeeding mother, the only way to do this is MY WAY!

I’m reclaiming my ability to make my work meaningful. I seriously suggest The van Gogh Blues by Eric Maisel, as well as Coaching the Arstist Within to anyone who wants to take a similar path and doesn’t know where to start.

Any advice, experience or support on this long delayed project of mine would be greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “My Work Pt. 2 (Doing What I Love)

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