All About Nickelodeon’s YO GABBA GABBA

In general, I don’t really like my kids watching a lot of TV.  There are some shows however that I’m all about and I’ll let you know which ones.  The first is Yo Gabba Gabba.  This show is so cool.  It is lead by a DJ (Lance) and has special guests like Jack Black.  The main characters of the show are costumed colorful friends, like really hip looking sesame street characters, and kids dressed in YO GABBA GABBA styled clothing.  I secretly mused about either buying or making those clothes when I watched the show with my daughter.

The show has a unique way of teaching children about social interaction and it emphasizes creativity, music and most of all…dancing!  There are few things more awesome in my book than dancing, so this show easily won me over.  I’ve used quite a few of the phrases and lessons from the show in my parenting, particularly “getting the wiggles out” and singing the DJ Lance says song.

I’m about to show how dorky of a mom I am, but I am really excited that YO GABBA GABBA is going on tour.  I went to today and saw that there is a twitter party and giveaway for dvds and tickets to the show, all across the country.  I’m entering and if you want to enter, get over to the site mentioned above RSVP and join the twitter party on September 20th.


2 thoughts on “All About Nickelodeon’s YO GABBA GABBA

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