Minimalist Intentions, Consumerist Dreams

I spent quite a while unplugged from mainstream society a few years ago.  It was a dream come true.  Things are so much simpler when you don’t have many possessions, financial responsibilities, etc.  The less you have, the less you want…or at least it can be that way.

I remember when we lived in a duplex we had a room full of stuff.  So much stuff we were never able to fully clean and deal with it all.  When we stopped traveling and settled back into a stick in the mud structure, it blew my mind how fast we acquired STUFF.  But I realize, there are things that are needed to live this lifestyle.  Lots of things are needed to help organize the things you have.  When you’re lifestyle is complicated, you need things to actualize some facets of simplicity and convenience in your life.  Here’s my list of things I feel I need or could really use to create a simplistic array of stuff, in my conflicted, transitioning lifestyle.

As a reminder, I live in an RV, and I intend to travel in it soon.  I don’t want to acquire too much, just the things that are really going to make a positive impact.  Some of these are more practical, others are more dreams.  This is my big shopping list.

  • I would love a cargo bike
  • I need a camera that takes photos
  • I might need a webcamera
  • I need a desk
  • I need stools
  • I want a step ladder
  • I’d like a food processor, maybe an icecream machine or bread machine
  • I’d love a pedal-powered washing machine!
  • I want/need banana plants
  • I’d love another guitar and some hand drums
  • I need a motorized component to my living situation(something to tow my trailer)
  • I’d like a typewriter and maybe a laptop as well
  • I want more tap shoes
  • I need lots of organizational supplies, but I’m not exactly sure what, yet
  • I want a baby hammock and a toddler bed/bunk

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Intentions, Consumerist Dreams

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