Cooked Vegan Recipe of The Week: Pizza

So, “I want pizza” has been repeated over and over again in my home for weeks. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and a pizza crust was on sale on the display, at the end of the Natural Foods aisle. I checked the back “contains wheat and soy”… vegan!

I went to the refrigerated aisle. I thought about getting soy cheeze, but remembered exactly how that made me feel the last time I had it, so I reached over and grabbed the macrobiotic hummus instead. I happened upon some other ingredients, knowing I had plenty of squash at home.

I came home and of course everyone was super excited. Usually our cooked meals are very simple, rice, beans, veggies. Lately we’ve been getting too much pre-packaged junk. I was determined to get away from that and getting a pizza crust was just a preliminary exercise. I wasn’t prepared enough to know what I needed to make my own crust.

My daughter is now a cutter… We went to the counter with our cutting board and I gave her a plastic knife to chop up squash with. She begged me, actually and I figured it was worth a shot, I didn’t really care if she couldn’t help at all, I just wanted her to be occupied. She actually did a good job, though she grew tired of it fast. It was great because she commiserated with me about what hard work it is to make a meal! Now she kinda understands.

Anyway, I chopped up onion, broccoli, squash and tomatoes. We put the onions down first, then slopped on the hummus. I put some broccoli down after that, then spinach and tomatoes. Finally we put the squash, more broccoli, more tomatoes and more spinach on top. I squeezed lime over the top as well.

I seriously stacked the pizza and I wasn’t totally sure it was going to work. This was the christening of our new stove too. I didn’t realize there was a possibility it might not work until I’d already towered the pizza up with toppings. My husband tinkered with it in a moment of hilarity, and eventually he got it working!

I had to take a lot of the toppings off the pizza. I put a bunch of them in the cooker, put the pizza in the oven and just waited. It seemed to take about 30 minutes, maybe a little more. The pizza crust wrapper said 8-14 minutes, but we knew it’d be more than that. Most people put things on the pizza that are already cooked.

When we took the pizza out of the oven the scent was overpowering our neighbors outside. My husband swore there was cheese on it. It really did look that way, it even kinda smelled that way. I had no idea how great hummus would be on the pizza. I definitely recommend it. The pizza was really yummy. The kicker though is that my daughter didn’t eat it, she had me slice up plums for her instead.

I had 4 slices and my husband had 2 slices. Actually, one really big slice lay on the cutting board for about 3 hours until I got hungry again. I definitely want to make our own pizzas again, I want to do it gluten-free next time. It’d be nice to try my raw vegan hummus too for a bean free pizza. We’ll see how it goes!


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