Meal Plan Monday, Numero Tres

Little did I know, last weekend was a holiday.  I’m showing a pattern now of being swept away in my life and too busy to blog as I’ve planned.  Last week went by so fast, I didn’t even know it was Monday.  I didn’t shop very well at the market that weekend.  I went to get my veggies separate from my fruit and when I went to pay for my veggies the market’s card machine didn’t work.  They told me just to pay next week.  So I got free produce, but I didn’t get any fruit!

When I got home Grandma called to invite us to a party so I had to get ready, which is always panic mode for me.  How would I feed us at a party?  Luckily, DH went to the grocery store and got us “munchies”.  He decided not to go so I went with the two girls.  I got back Sunday afternoon and we all took a nice nap and just lounged, forgetting completely that it was Monday.

That week was a low-fruit week.  I think I ate a melon, some nectarines, strawberries and grapes, but mostly rice.  Anyway this week I did good on Saturday, but took Sunday off from everything.  I didn’t even step outside at all.  I spent less than $60 and that included my tab from last week.  I also got free tomatoes, cucumbers and pears.

My food list right now is: pears, nectarines, plums, apples, rice, polenta, oatmeal, limes, bananas, lettuce, herbs, 1 juan canary melon, 2 huge watermelons, dates, cucumber, squash, tomatillos, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, acai smoothie packets.  I’ll go need to go shopping on between today and Wednesday for grapes and/or berries, melons, more bananas, more dates and frozen fruit.  I’m sure DH will go for a box of bananas in the next few days.  I called Trader Joe’s and reserved a box days ago.  I’m not talking quantities for this list, I’m still in moving mode…  (I’ll post on that this week too.)

This is my third week doing <a href=”; title=”Menu Plan Monday”></a>

With that said here’s my meal plan for the week.
MondayBreakfast-watermelon             Lunch– banana icecream shake    Dinner– Spiralized Zucchini/Squash, nectarine/romaine tacos
TuesdayBreakfast– watermelon     Lunch– pears in banana icecream       Dinner– Coleslaw, Cauliflower & plum sauce
Wednesday Breakfast– Juan Canary melon & grapes         Lunch– Grapes & lettuce soup      Dinner– Salad w/ almond-orange dressing and Nectarine/date drink
ThursdayBreakfast- Datorade & apples w/date sauce    Lunch- Banana smoothie            Dinner– Rice noodles w/ cabbage, tomato and Salad w/ avocado
FridayBreakfast-  Plums & bananas                Lunch- Datorade & apples w/date sauce          Dinner–  Tacos(lettuce, nectarines, herbs, zuke noodles), zuke hummus
SaturdayBreakfast- Apple cereal w/ banana milk             Lunch- Apple salad w/ date sauce        Dinner– Zucchini hummus w/ veggie chips, Salad w/ pears
Sunday- Breakfast- Bananas               Lunch- Mangoes                                          Dinner- zucchini noodles with mango/date sauce & herbs

Starting next week, I’m (really) going to post what I actually ate throughout the week.  This is my guideline but I’ll certainly leave the possibility for spontaneous eating and deviations from the plan.  Also, I’m not writing out snacks ’cause I think that should happen as I please.


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