Why I Choose Unschooling & Unjobbing

I quit college in my 5th semester(if I’m not mistaken). During my last semester I taught myself the things I wanted to know and did what I pleased on campus. I went on lots of nature walks around campus, spent a lot of time at the computer labs, went to the classes I wanted to go to, spent time writing by the ponds and went to check out the art gallery. I also partied with my friends when I felt so inclined.

When I quit I started a Yoga Teacher Training that included lots of different life lessons related to personal growth, physical and mental health, nutrition, natural living, culture, creativity and much more. Around this time life really opened up for me in ways I’d never known. I was certain with all the things I was learning, all the things I’d never known before and all I was witnessing about myself that I could teach myself. I did not regret quitting college for a second.

I studied unschooling long before I had children and decided it was a good idea to get into the groove of it with myself. I love to learn new things and learn in depth about old topics too. When my first daughter was born, I decided she would be unschooled right then and there. I allowed her to experience a lot. At first it was mostly just experiencing what I was going through, the things we did together.

She observed sign language and the spanish language from me. She started to mimic and respond to me. She learned to use the potty at a very young age because I allowed her to go without a diaper a lot and when she started to wonder, I would communicate with her about what was happening, with gestures, facial expressions, sign language and verbal language. Eventually I was able to show her what to do and she learned fast.

Now she’s almost four and starting to read on her own.  She’s still learning sign language, spanish and english.  Now baby number two is where she was.  Sometimes people think to relate to homeschooling you have to have a child in the kindergarten age group.  However, I’ve seen that kids learn a lot of things much earlier than the standard guidelines suggest if they’re given the opportunity.  A parent or caregiver needs just to observe what the child is observing and help them make the connections they are already curious to decipher anyway.   I think it creates a truly empowering bond and truly empowered individuals when we can learn as we naturally see fit.

Unjobbing is the same way.  If we can work in the ways we are drawn to work, rather than subjecting ourselves or others to job titles, we could find a lot more enjoyment, fulfillment and productivity if we were free to do what we really wanted to do.  There are several books, websites and community groups focused on support and networking for the people who bravely attempt freedom based education and work possibilities.  There are workshops, retreats and much more.

I’ve found one at http://www.uncollege.org/ and another at http://www.whywork.org/.  There are also several tons of sites about unschooling children.  I found a tuition-free college that I intend on joining and I’ve joined a few discussion forums related to unschooling and unjobbing.  I really think this is the wave of the future.  We as citizens of the global world need to take our own initiative in improving our economic status.

There is so much to learn about the biases in the way children(and adults) are taught in school.  There is so much to learn, also about the way our economy is set up.  It is a really great idea to research whether or not it might be easier and more efficient for you or your family to take your education and your career in your own hands.  I’ll keep updating about how this is going for me, because this is something I’m very passionate about.


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