Connecting To My Spirit Animal

As I already mentioned, I’ve tuned into animal medicine. I found a meditation online to help determine your spirit animal. I didn’t do the meditation but the site also mentioned some techniques that could help you find your spirit animal. Animals that you’ve seen a lot, dreamed about or had other interactions or signs from in your life are worth noting.

I imagined my spirit animal must be a bird. Something with feathers, but what? I determined this because I’ve collected feathers since I was a child. One of my major spiritual sanctuaries as a child was lying in the grass and looking into the sky at the clouds, at the birds. I’ve always been fascinated with birds, the different types, their songs. I spent a lot of time as a kid memorizing the different types of birds in the encyclopedia. But honestly I forgot all about that until recently.

When I went on my spirit walk in Florida I was constantly finding beautiful feathers in my path. Many times those feathers led me to something important on my path. One time I was ecstatic and awed by the site of wild parrots in St. Petersburg. I kept coming into contact with Crows and Ravens and I definitely felt like they were sending me messages, protecting and guiding me. I even wrote a story about a Raven. I’ve done research and watched videos of talking Crows. I’ve had a close kinship with parrots and parakeets in my life.

I remember a fascination with Crows as a young child. My great-grandma lived in the “country”. On most Sundays and holidays we left the city and went to her house in the country. For some reason I remember seeing crows in the middle and on the side of the road a lot and always asking questions about them. My grandmother seemed to have stories or sayings about the Crow and it deeply fascinated me. I will definitely give her a call this weekend and ask about this vague memory of mine. Anyway, I had a feeling the Crow might be my spirit animal.

Courtesy of MadMaven/T.S.Heisele

During another time of spiritual transformation I felt a deep communication between myself and a dying bird in a field I frequented near my home. I felt the earth telling me to connect to my healing abilities, but I hesitated. I was deeply troubled by my hesitation and had dreams about it often. I’ve worn feathers in my hair, long before it was trendy. I did have a feeling it would become trendy a few years after I started that, but I was seriously surprised when I saw my 10-year-old sister-in-law with a feather in her hair!

I was given the name Feather Story during my Spirit Walk, but strangely enough I didn’t think much about the spirit animal ideology. Until recently. Recently, I’ve been a little disconnected from nature. I’ve been quite dedicated to dream journeying and since I’ve been offered jobs doing psychic work and since I want to find ways to use my healing abilities in a way that is uniquely me, I’ve decided to seriously go after all the spiritual leads I’ve put on the waiting list in my life. I ordered a book from the library entitled Discovering Your Spirit Animal by Lucy Harmer.

I literally just read the intro, which I loved, and started flipped to some of the animal descriptions. Since I already sensed the power of the Crow in my life so I read the passage. Here’s the defining passage:

If you possess Crow medicine, you are drawn to the sacred laws and have a strong sense of justice; you could be a highly successful lawyer. You also have the gift of being able to communicate with the spirit world. You are able to encourage others to live every second of their lives with intensity.

My jaw dropped to the floor when I read this! I’ve never wanted to be a lawyer, though I deeply believed I would be an activist and healer since I was a child. The kicker though, is that, like I said I’ve been committed to the spiritual practice of dreaming for a while now. Taking a lot of inspiration from Connie Kaplan of I recently had a dream in which my husband and I were telling a group of people we were working on a project related to renewing a sense of justice in a wronged community that I was a lawyer. In the dream, I was lucid and had to think on that. I let the dream go on, but I thought “how am I a lawyer?”. As I thought through it I realized I was indeed in a spiritual, metaphysical sense, very much a lawyer.

The rest of this description fits my personality and my passions in life as well. I definitely have a strong sense of being who I am and encouraging others to advocate and express themselves as they are. I’ve also been greatly marked by my own spiritual gifts which for most of my life I didn’t understand or receive any support or encouragement in. I am at a point of realizing the Crow medicine’s power in my life and I think this is definitely the perfect time for me to make this connection.

I’m definitely still reading this book. I have strong connections to other animals, particularly sea animals and I know that spirit animals can affect our relationship with others as well. I already see connections to the spirit animals of my daughters and husband and I can easily sense psychic connections to others. It is much easier to connect to intuitive truths outside of my personal realm of influence. I’m so excited to have the sign I needed to confirm that the Crow is indeed a very powerful ally in my life. With this I will certainly honor and never downplay my urges to be one who carries Crow medicine in my being.


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