Introducing Work Wednesday

When it comes to work I’ve spent most of my life doing two things. Taking care of children and writing. I always thought I’d be a writer, but my first interest was childcare. Not that I wanted to do that long term, but during my teenage years I knew that I liked the feeling of being useful and having a purpose in the eyes of a child.

Now, I have two children. I continue to make writing a priority for me but I really want to have more regular work. I knew at the age of 17 that it would take some time to build a career as a writer.  I had an idea coming out of high school of a business idea I wanted to try and my dad said he would help me with it.  I wanted at that point to start a business.  I took a semester off from school to focus on my writing career before starting college.

It was a miserable fail.  Or at least that was how I felt about it.  I submitted poetry to several markets, most that I paid a reading fee to and got lots of rejections.  I waited for my dad to bring up helping me with my business and I listened to everyone tell me what I needed to do to apply for college.  I felt like I spent most of my time doing that.  I wrote a lot, I journaled a lot and I tried to find online writing communities that would help me.  I joined and found a site called  Author’s Den didn’t help me at all, and neither did espresso fiction.  I wasn’t a fiction writer.  At that point I was really a poet who was also into playwriting and creative nonfiction.

I didn’t know that I had a poem accepted in an anthology I’d entered as part of my creative writing class the following semester.  I entered college and majored in English, then Journalism, then my school offered Writing/Linguistics so of course I was one of the first to declare that major.  However, I knew before I started college I was only doing it because I was “supposed to”.  I quit after about 5 semesters to move in with my husband completely on the other side of the U.S.

Upon moving in we both started a Kundalini Yoga Teacher training.  I’d been doing yoga for awhile, but Kundalini Yoga was so much more than I knew yoga could be.  I did this yoga with my husband awhile before we started the training and this has changed my life, my direction and focus in life.  Since then I’ve done lots of life coaching(spiritual, weight management, parenting), psychic work, music/creativity, gardening, caregiving, dance/yoga, and running a vegan restaurant.  I also did doula training and became a breastfeeding counselor.

In my work I want to incorporate Kundalini Yoga and writing and domestic care.  I love helping people and I find that helping with domestic tasks to be a very bonding experience and a great way to show support and empower people to improve their lives, their health, their attitudes.  I especially love working with kids and now that I’m one I love working with parents!  When I was a nanny I always used to say the thing I love most about my job is working with kids, the thing I hate about my job is working with parents…I had a couple really great parents I worked with and they ended up being my friends after the job ended.   With all my other experiences in life I see a really great way to make working with parents a better experience for them and myself.

A little while after my daughter was born my husband and I actually came up with a really great business idea incorporating the aforementioned topics, to include creativity, health and nutrition.  We’ve been on quite a journey in our lives since that time.  We’ve moved across the country, and the whole of our lives has changed several times.  My husband was very much into personal development and now he doesn’t seem to vibe with that at all.

I always thought we would work together, since we’ve been together we almost always have.  However, right now, I have years worth of perfecting this idea, and a drive and urge to actually take action on it.  I’m using the blogosphere to get me on track and accustomed to writing all the time and for an audience again.  I’m also using it to bring me focus, accountability and a record of my progress.  Just as importantly I want to use it to find my audience or supporters.  Blogging is a great beginning and confidence booster for me to take the chance and go after my dream work with a huge dream catcher…

From now on I’ll be posting what I do for work on Wednesdays.  A couple weeks ago I started journaling my work related activities in a file on my computer.  I have a document that details what I want to do with my blogs.  It is a 30 day plan and I have several pages that I use just to quickly journal what I’ve done during the week that I will write about later, such as my meal plans.

Right now I’m still not 100% sure about what direction I want to take with my blogs, since I have several.  But I realized, watching a video from Frederic Patenaude of that I’m going in the right direction by just taking action and readjusting later.  I write on my file my inspirations, plans and goals for each blog and I think they all create their own direction. This topic might include work I’m doing with my children since my most important work in my opinion is being a mother. Eventually it will all be exactly what it needs to be.


What Chu Say?

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