Mystical Experiences In Parenting

I find parenting to be one of the most mystical experiences I’ve ever had. Simply breastfeeding has put me in touch with some of the most profound spiritual abilities I’ve ever known. Through breastfeeding I’ve experienced telepathy, sharing dreams, out-of-body experiences, pre-mediumship(that’s what I’m calling it), trance states, spontaneous and channeled yoga and healing techniques and much more.

Most nights I go to sleep with a nursling attached to my heart chakra. I usually fall asleep remembering and connecting to some phenomena related to growing up. I often remember my life as an infant or as a young child 5 and under going to sleep. I even remember and re-dream many of the dreams I had as a child of these ages. These are not dreams that I’ve had recently. I usually connect to the soul by rehashing a dream I completely forgot about and haven’t seen for two decades. All of a sudden I’m remembering it or dreaming it again, and I see how it relates to my nursling, my life now and my view of the universe.

Lately my youngest daughter has been doing breath of fire. She suddenly started doing it. When she decides to do this breathing technique she makes a face just like my older daughter made when she was around that age. We don’t do much breath of fire in our home.  I have adopted a practice of deep breathing, possibly out of the habit of helping my oldest daughter with meditating and calming down.  Now that the youngest has started doing breath of fire(and she makes sure to get the attention of everyone when she does so) we’ve started doing it again.  Strangely enough I was considering whether I should start doing breath of fire again and after I did my chakra test, I was planning to start doing stretch pose, which requires doing breath of fire.

My oldest daughter has an uncanny ability to read minds.  She’s been showing this since birth.  I thought she was very in tune with the subtle realm of life.  She was very expressive and aware from the time she was born and did many developmental milestones much earlier than expected.  She made sounds that resembled “woo-hoo” and “ah-ha” often, all the time, at expected intervals.  She held her head up the second day of her life(I know this is somewhat common these days).  Mostly though, I could see easily how she felt about the people she met, the things she was introduced to, and I could see that she knew the way I felt about things, although I tried not to influence her decisions, she showed her knowledge of my feelings, thoughts and views, as well as those of her father and other family and friends around us.

Around the age of one she was teaching spontaneous yoga sessions, and walking around healing people with her touch, with gemstones, with her eyes, her breath, and with sound.  These things were not taught to her, but we were in an environment where these things were normal(working at a yoga center and a vegan restaurant).  I did yoga all the time during my pregnancy and I was very intentional with my vibe and environment at the end of my pregnancy with her.  Still the things she did were not imitations of things she saw.  What she did was not done anywhere around her.  Still today, when she sees someone sick or sad(which she still sees as a sickness) she goes into a trance and becomes the healer.

I’ve been reading a book called Is Your Child Psychic by Dr. Alex Tanous and Katherine Fair Donnelly.  Of course I am already of the the belief that every child, every human is psychic.  I’m well read on the subject, I’ve had psychic readings and I’ve given psychic readings.  I continue to study and develop my own psychic abilities.  I realize how much these things have been demolished by Western society.  I realize how the imaginative, intuitive mind is destroyed in “traditional” Western school systems.

There is a part in the book that talks about what happens when you suppress a child’s psychic experiences and I can see the results of that all around me in the grown-ups who received the brunt of a fear-based approach to the “unknown”, mystic side of life.  I can think back to those moments when it happened to me.  I remember the fear I had of being different, of experiencing things I thought others must’ve experienced, but that were not discussed or supported.  My goal is to support my children and other children and parents in allowing the natural progress of our psychic abilities as humans to balance us, to assist us, to comfort us in our lives.


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