Links Are Not Working [Update]

I’ve realized my blog is not posting links. I’ve tried many, many things and will keep trying to find a way to fix it.

I posted on the wordpress forums for support.  I got a response from someone who recommended I check my flash player, internet browser and my cookies and cache.  It was also suggested that I send a request to  The only thing I haven’t done is the cookies/cache, I want to make sure I have all my passwords before I do.  Nothing has worked and I haven’t gotten a response from wordpress yet.

Just in case though, I’m going to try to link and see if it works.


10 thoughts on “Links Are Not Working [Update]

    • I sent it. But I realize that was only for new users. Since you already had a wordpress I just added you. At the end of your letters, always put either Futuristically Yours or FY at the end. That’s all I ask.

      • Will do. I suddenly became inspired to write and just trying not to get it lost or deleted(I share a computer with my husband and daughters get to it sometimes) I just pressed submit. I’ll go change that now.

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