Full-Time RV Living For Me

I first had the idea that I’d like to live in an RV when I watched the movie My Girl. Vada’s step-mom played by Jamie Lee Curtis lived in a VW Camper Van if I’m not mistaken and I loved and fantasized about that for many years since my childhood. The first time I really considered getting one was around the time we decided as a family we would like to travel and live in a sustainable environment. I’d responded to an ad on craigslist to do eco-travel and document it by making video logs. I sent a proposal about how I thought we would make good subjects because we wanted to do it as a lifestyle and because we had a young child. Also, because we’d done a lot of eco-travel and wwoofing before, and particularly because we’re pretty entertaining, adventurous and well-written and well-spoken.

My problem with that job was that we couldn’t wait. We didn’t have a camera at the time. I’d gotten one for my birthday and it wasn’t what I wanted so I took it back. I thought I could get my mom to get another one for us, since the money went back on her card, but it didn’t happen. We didn’t have an RV… we didn’t really have a ton of savings. Our finances were kinda spiraling at that time and we didn’t know how/where to get an RV and didn’t think we had the money for one anyway. We didn’t have a laptop, which would’ve made uploading videos or blogs difficult, and once again our finances were spiraling out of control. We no longer wanted to wait. To owe more money for rent, utilities, etc.

We felt like we’d exhausted every opportunity we had to work where we were and it was time to move on. We had also just read The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug Graham, and we were ready to find some tropical fruit and the closest tropical environment to us was Florida. We spent about 6 months camping out in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. The only problem was not having enough space. We saw campers we wanted for sale in our travels and saw full-time RV livers, road-schoolers, boat-schoolers and the like. We were driving in our car and trying to spend as much time as we could in nature. We loved being minimalists, but at the same time, we found some really interesting cities and events in towns and with people. Some nights we were too tired to drive back to the mountain, or across the ocean, or whatever the case was to get to our camping site.

Flash-forward to 2 years later. Now we have 2 children. The last time we made a decent “living” was playing music on the streets while we were traveling. We have helped people and done work/trade types of services, but essentially we’ve been unemployed. We had a live/work situation that came to an end and we couldn’t find a place to live. We wanted to live in an intentional community, but none of the options we saw worked out. It seemed our best option was finding and RV. I thought we should’ve looked into this many more times since our gypsy days. I never stopped thinking about it, but at this point my husband was taking me seriously. We searched for RVs we could afford.

We drove far and wide to find one and since we were tired, it was the right color(green) and the previous owners said it was good, we purchased it. It wasn’t so good. We found an RV park and started trying to live in it and had to rip up the floors, fix pipes, and air it out. We also discovered it was really on the small side to house two adults, 2 kids and all our stuff. There is so much to learn about RV living. Luckily, my husband’s grandfather helped us get a bigger, nicer travel trailer.

The next goal will be to find a way to get on the road. The way I want to do it would be to stay in one spot for a few months at a time, maybe even half a year or more. I have specific places I want to go, I want to visit communities, retreat centers, national parks and people who share similar goals and lifestyle practices. I want to make my work portable. I want to blog, make videos and books. I also want to do services, events, classes and other forms of education related to spiritual healing, yoga, creativity, health/nutrition and parenting.

Eventually, I want my family to end up in a tropical environment. I want to live somewhere that doesn’t require going to a grocery store. I want to live somewhere with natural structures and clean air and clean water. I want my children to experience the diversity of people and the environment. I want them to learn from their experiences. I’ve seen tons of blogs on the internet of families doing just that and I am inspired to make it a reality for mine as well.

I love living in an RV, even in an RV park! I’ve always been a little creeped out by “normal” neighborhoods and the whole renting thing is definitely on my list of things I loathe. There are so many reasons to live in an RV full-time I can’t even write it all out. What I know is that it is the right thing for me and my family.


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