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So, I’m on the internet often trying to find ways to build my experience as a blogger. I have several blogs and I follow several blogs. I would eventually like to make blogging about half of my work. As a child I imagined being a writer in a way I had no idea would exist when I was an adult, but that is exactly what blogging is to me…my ideal avenue of writing, my childhood dream.

If I’d said I want to be a blogger when I grow up, people would’ve looked at me sideways, but now, maybe there are kids saying that. I could imagine my kids saying so. They certainly like to imitate and ask about what I’m doing on my blogs.

Anyway, since I tried blogging years ago, I’ve heard of a lot of the concepts, trends and websites of importance. However, I’m only just now fully participating and integrating the full experience of blogging. Business 2 Blogger is one of those websites I’d heard about before. Or rather, read about. It was something I told myself I’d do when I had a decent blog. Then I forgot about it.

It so happens, I have a decent blog right now. I’m committed to it, really getting into the groove of it, and I want to get more experience at blogging. Somehow I found Business 2 Blogger and clicked on it. I remembered it, long stored in my subconscious, though I wasn’t really sure what it was all about.

Business 2 Blogger is a system of organizing requests from businesses for bloggers, sending the relevant requests to the bloggers and supporting a community centered around useful and solicited blogging. Pretty simple, and oh-so-useful.

You can sign up as a blogger or a business and both are free. As a blogger you get an email once a week for businesses looking for bloggers. The site also has contests and a lot of great articles about blogging successfully.

I’m really excited to get started with this site and encouraged anyone who has a business and needs bloggers, or is a blogger who would like to blog for businesses to sign up for this program. Visit. I’ll update this post with my experiences and I’d love to hear from anyone else who has used or will try this program!

UPDATE: I got my first week of opportunities from business 2 blogger, but I didn’t realize I only had 18 hours to apply for them, so here’s to next week. There were lots of very interesting projects though.

UPDATE 2: I’ve now had several weeks of business2blogger emails and I’ve gotten one job from it, but this past week my email was not sent or received for some reason.  10/8/11


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