Cooked Vegan Recipe of The Week

It is definitely my goal to eat a raw vegan diet. However, my family probably won’t be as committed to eating only raw as soon as I am. Also, I’m very flexible and realistic with my lifestyle. This week I moved and as you’ll see on Meal Plan Monday, I didn’t really eat as planned. I like the idea of cooking a vegan meal for my family once a week anyway, but today it wasn’t just for them.

I know a lot of people struggle with eating healthy and/or eating vegan because they lack the creativity and comfort of creating their own meals. I definitely think everyone should be able to prepare their own meals with whole ingredients from a young age. One of the things I loved most about becoming vegetarian when I first started was coming up with new meals. I’ve always been pretty self-sufficient and creative in the kitchen, from a young age when I made ramen noodle creations.

I’ve always been the same way about just going with the flow of it. Never following directions, I have just learned what goes well, what I like and I can easily make something good with almost any combination of ingredients. The simpler the better. So I’m going to hopefully post one cooked vegan recipe a week. Today, I ate fruit up until dinner time. I knew that I had lentils, but I was out of rice. I had other beans too, but I wanted lentils. I knew I had organic squash I needed to use, and some organic rosemary. So:

I put a bunch of lentils in the rice cooker. I filled it up past the point you would put for rice. I let it cook til there was barely any water left.
Then I put some squash in 5 squashers all chopped up.
When there was very little water left I added in 5 handfuls of oatmeal.
I added 1/4 of a head of iceberg lettuce on top of that.
I left the top off and added chopped rosemary and some salt.

In hindsight I realize I could’ve omitted the salt. The flavor combination of these ingredients was definitely a winner. I’ll remember this!


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