Meal Plan & Money Monday

I went shopping this weekend. I went to the flea market and the grocery store on Saturday. I spent $12 at the market on pluots, plums, nectarines and cherries. I only went to the grocery store because we needed water and my husband wanted split pea soup and crackers. At the grocery store I got a ton of Dr. McDougall soup cups, split pea flavor and ramen flavor and Sunshine burgers because they were on sale. I actually spent $42 on mostly packaged foods at the store, that’s a ton for me.  On Sunday I went to the market again and spent $32 I think.  I went with the intention of spending $45, but I couldn’t fit any more melons in my cart!

Due to mild depression and being out of my element, visiting with family, I haven’t been at my fruity best lately. I realize that if I don’t plan my meals in advance I fail big time. I also realize there’s nothing wrong with failure.  I still ate plenty of fruit but I could have done better.

I remember when I was living in Blythe my husband and I would scoff at people who had access to good quality fruit and complained about things like socializing. Things seem so simple in theory. But in my opinion few things can get in the way of a good plan. I used to be a somewhat obsessive planner. I got over that by being completely spontaneous for a while. Now is the time for balance.  I’m joining Menu Plan Monday at

This is my food list for the week: 5 grapefruit, grapes, 3 heads of lettuce, rosemary/mint/cilantro, limes(8), 13 plums, 6 nectarines, 18 mangos, 6 apples, 8 oranges, 4 cantaloupe, 4 watermelon(ate one on Sunday), 4 large cucumbers, 11 og squash, bell peppers, dates, 2 large zucchini, 3 kiwis, 3 avocado, 6 pluots, 3 lemons

With that said here’s my meal plan for the week.
MondayBreakfast-Watermelon                                  Lunch– Grapes/Lettuce Soup, Plums       Dinner– Squash pasta w/mango sauce, cucumber/grapefruit
TuesdayBreakfast– Grapefruit, oranges, kiwi       Lunch– Mangoes                                   Dinner– Cantaloupe/Orange fruit salad and Lettuce Wraps w/ guacamole
Wednesday Breakfast– Watermelon                        Lunch– Cantaloupe                        Dinner– Salad w/ orange dressing and zucchini hummus w/veggies/greens
ThursdayBreakfast- Datorade & apples/date sauce  Lunch- Mangoes                Dinner– Mango/nectarine smoothie, fruity salad- mango, lettuce, etc.
FridayBreakfast- Mangoes                                              Lunch- Watermelon                 Dinner– Mango/nectarine smoothie, plums, Tacos(lettuce, nectarines, herbs, noodles)
SaturdayBreakfast-Mango/date smoothie             Lunch- Pluots w/ date sauce        Dinner– Zucchini hummus w/ veggie chips, Salad
Sunday- Breakfast- Watermelon                                  Lunch- Mangoes                                          Dinner- zucchini noodles with mango sauce

With this list, I’ll need to go shopping in the middle of the week to get: dates, greens, zucchini, nectarines and possibly mangoes and citrus.   On Saturday and Sunday of course I’ll go shopping again and get more melons, mangoes, greens, squash/zucchini and whatever else I can get.  Starting next week, I’m going to post what I actually ate throughout the week.  This is my guideline but I’ll certainly leave the possibility for spontaneous eating and deviations from the plan.  Also, I’m not writing out snacks ’cause I think that should happen as I please.


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