Radical Parenting pt. 1

I think I like this title, just ’cause I grew up in the 90’s, which were totally radical dude. But I also have strong parenting ideas and at some point the pressure from others tempted me to abandoning some of them…which is fine. We’re all allowed to abandon things that no longer work for us. But I want to evolve, I want to keep adjusting, adapting and improving. When I abandon something in my life, I want to adopt something just as good, or better.

There are several things I decided on about my parenting that I have not changed and will not compromise and those things are:  No vaccinations, vegan eating, exclusive and extended breastfeeding, natural medicine, multiculturalism,  intuition, attachment parenting and rejection of the germ theory, among other subjects.

When I stopped writing songs, I started writing poems, then stories/essays. Right now, I’m ready to give up TV programming again. We only have a computer but we watch a TV show on http://www.hulu.com called Legend of The Seeker...I want to replace these activities with more family-friendly activities.

I want to gather a list of activities I want to add to my family programming:

Guided Meditations

Family Bike Rides

Herbal Baths for the kids

Storytelling/Puppet Theater

Daily Dance Parties

On Wednesday, the third of this month my husband’s grandparents came to take my daughter to Dillon Beach with them.  They took their other granddaughters too, and the three of them are around the same age.  They love playing together.  I was thinking my husband and I would go a few days later to meet up with them, but that has not happened due to our car being unusable.  Worst of all they had horrible cell phone reception there, and I couldn’t talk to her at all.  That tore me up inside.  I missed my almost four year old like crazy!  We felt extremely out of balance with her not here.  My almost one year old tried to play their sister games with our pet rat!

I had to call my mom to get some clarity.  On Saturday I called my daughter and she didn’t want to talk to me.  I’d called a few other days and that was also her answer.  At first I was happy she was having so much fun.  On Saturday I was hysterical.  I was sobbing, I needed to hear her voice, at the least.  I know that she feels uncomfortable having a lot of pressure on her to talk on the phone, but I’m her mama.  I needed to hear from her, and I didn’t.  So I had to call my mama!  She confirmed to me that I should have had those feelings.  That she was overprotective of me as well, if you can really call it that.  She gave me the confidence in my parenting I needed.  I appreciate my firstborn so much more now, I appreciate my childhood, my mother, and I appreciate myself, my intuition, my ability to be mama-bear!

In other news, as a breastfeeding counselor, I’m happy to say this is world breastfeeding month.  Breastfeeding for the first 2 years was easy for me.  I was well-informed, pretty well supported and surrounding myself by other moms who had breastfed for long periods of time, or were doing so at the time.  I breastfed in public a lot, and supported other public breastfeeding moms in the Southeast US.  Now that I’m in California, I’ve surprisingly seen less public breastfeeding.  Ann Osborne(of http://www.fruitgod.com/), Rozi Graham and Michelle Carnochan (of http://fruitfaery.com/) among others, really inspired me to be open to my oldest daughter breastfeeding after my youngest was born.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.  I’ll post my full breastfeeding story here soon, just stay tuned, breastfeeding is one of my favorite topics to write on.

Also, I really recommend checking out the Natural Child Project.  For 6+ years I have looked at this site for great information on parenting and kid-friendly culture.  Apparently this site really needs some help to continue so Save the Natural Child Project, please.



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