Low Fat Raw Vegan Birthday Cupcakes

by IngerMYesterday was DH’s birthday. I made 4 cupcakes, which were very dense and filling. Unfortunately I can’t get the pictures off my cellphone. They were very pretty and fun to make. My oldest(turning 4 next month) was able to help with them. I realize I could just let her do them on her own if I really wanted to.

Per cupcake I used about 5-7 dates, smashed and rolled up. I put them into cupcake holders layer by layer. In between each layer I put an organic raspberry in the middle. I topped them off with smashed mango, another raspberry in the middle and birthday tagged toothpicks, with balloons or cakes with candles as designs.

Like I said they were really dense. My husband ate his cupcake in two sittings. I ate most of mine in one sitting and gave the rest to our rat. My daughter didn’t finish hers. My youngest(turning one on Sunday) stole one around the end of the night and ate about as much as my daughter did. If I get a chance to change this around I might mix the dates with some fruit when I smash them, and/or put them into mini-cupcake forms.

Either way this was a fun, easy, successful and beautiful raw vegan birthday treat. I had no idea what I was going to do when I attempted this, so I am pleasantly surprised that it worked out. By the way it was delicious, just very filling. This could be a meal, rather than just a snack! I’ll try to get the pictures again. If anyone out there tries this or anything similar, feel free to post a picture!


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