What I’ve Been Up To…

I haven’t posted a lot lately. As a matter of fact I have several drafts waiting for me to finish right now. But I’m tired! Sacramento is hot and lots of things are changing in my life right now. I’m still looking for a bike trailer, similar to this:

I’m still working on books, websites, courses, still being a mama, of course. I’m still working on my business plan, and being active. I’m still working on a cost-share, however, I am so low on fruit right now it is not even funny…I got a bunch of bags of discount organic bananas from the co-op and I’ve been getting smoothie supplies from the 99cents store.  That might sound sad, but the truth is the quality of the food is much better than what I could get from the local supermarket.  Eating a high fruit diet for a few years now, I know how to get quality produce/groceries, most of the time.

However, my husband is entirely smoke and drug-free, including caffeine, tobacco, etc. and is courageously plowing through this transition and excited to go 80/10/10 together, again!  There are tons of birthdays coming up too, including my husband and two daughters in August and September.  My almost four year old is constantly talking about birthdays.  She actually went on vacation to Dillon Beach without us, with family for a few days, and I’m excited and nervous for her, but also happy for us, I’ll be taking advantage of the break from the world of 3-year-olds!

Also, I’ve been visualizing a lot lately. We’re getting a new trailer soon and going on a few trips this month. I’ve been looking at old videos and reflecting on my past. I’ve been going through the dozens of notebooks I have, and deciding how I’m going to organize them.  I’ve been finding so much inspirational materials lately, I feel very confident in the direction life is taking.  I’ve decided how I want to present all my blogs and websites now, so things will be clear and focused and full of the things I want to share with people soon.  This is how I’ve been thinking lately:

I’m getting there, day by day, moment by moment, and grateful for all of it…

My favorite internet things to do right now are http://www.pinterest.com as well as looking at websites related to road-schooling, and natural housing, such as yurts!  I also organized my bookmarks, which was quite a task, since I bookmark everything of interest to me…this should make linking and finding things to post on my blog much easier!

I’m also configuring my budget for this month and trying to decide what extra expenses/investments I want to make. Luckily I had a credit on my rent and only had to pay $266 this month!  Any budgeting suggestions are appreciated!

This is an exciting month so I do have lots of content coming up soon!  Topics including:  Multiculturalism, Sustainability, Spirituality, Radical Parenting, Commitment and more.  Stay tuned, things are getting excited and coming full circle!


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To…

    • Thanks Candice, I see so much negativity going around, it is easy for me to rebel against the norm and show some positivity, I’m glad you appreciate it and happy for your support. Thanks for commenting!

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