It’s That Time of The Week Again!

On 4th of July weekend I went to the market and I didn’t plan it well enough. So my attempt at being 100% lfrv didn’t last long.  I’ve since had two more chances to get it right, and I did!  I’ve learned a lot about what I need and I’ve had a lot of success, tomorrow(or the end of today) will be one week 100% lfrv.

Yesterday I had to go to the market about 3x for food, to carry it back in my cart, baby stroller and in my grocery bags.  I also went on Saturday.  I ended up with 5 boxes of the best red mangoes,!  Golden kiwis and the regular kiwis, organic apricots, organic tomatoes, lots of avocados(and the best deal I’ve seen in a while on them), awesome grapefruit, oranges, nectarines, zucchini, jicama, tomatillos, organic lemons, pluots, lettuce, celery and really awesome red grapes, with seeds.  Oh and cauliflower.

My husband also mentioned that he wants to stop eating cooked food, as has my daughter.  I haven’t had to cook in a week now, and I’m doing good this way.  I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve been 100% raw for up to 2 months at a time, if I’m not mistaken.  I don’t usually count the days, or keep track this well.  I have been undereating a little bit.  Yesterday was hot and I got more than just fruit, I also got two guitars, a drum and a baby seat.  I exhausted myself.  I’ve been going through an intense dream journey as well, and my 10 month old is going through a growing spurt, meaning she’s nursing a lot!  I detox a little at night time… I tend to have a runny nose, and a lot of sneezing, just before bed.  I love it honestly.  Whenever this happens, I remember all the sneezing and dripping of mucus I’ve done for the past few years whenever I have wheat or salt or soy, and I’m grateful I get to live an active day and detox only at night!

Also, I’ve gone completely without salt all this time.  A lot of the times I’ve attempted 100%, including my trial that started on the 4th of this month, included a little salt in a salad or soup.  Not this week.  No salt, at all, whatsoever, and I absolutely don’t miss it one bit.  I’ve also eaten a lot more greens than I usually do.  I have a large salad every night, or a bunch of greens in the form of lettuce or spinach wraps.  I’ve also eaten my fair share of fats.  On one day I made a hummus with sunflower seeds in it, and since then I’ve had some avocado on most of the days of this month.  I feel fine.  I don’t know my percentage or how many calories I’m consuming.  Right now I’m just starting with what I’ve got.  Right now, I have the desire to rediscover what it means to eat only human food.  I feel that eating things that require cooking is not following that desire.  I have no desire to cook, and I have no desire to eat what someone else has cooked, especially someone I don’t know.

I went into the flea market over and over again yesterday.  There were so many food stands there.  So many strong scents of cooked things.  I didn’t once consider these things to be food for me… just a few weeks ago, I went to the market and I was so hungry, I thought eating fried noodles & veggies would help me.  This is what ended my attempt at 100% lfrv that week, and for the next few days I ate more fried vegan foods.  Now I’ve easily gone a week, with all those options around me, and not only have I not eaten those things, I haven’t even put salt or any condiments on any of my foods.  I am so proud of myself!  My next goal is to do some planting and up my calorie intake, and get a full assessment and habit of eating, so as to not skip meals… I’ve been a bag girl, doing that one.

Because things have been so busy, I don’t have any pictures to share right now.  But I’ll plug my phone up tonight and upload some pictures tomorrow, and celebrate 1-week of 100% raw vegan, fruit-led living.  It has been so easy and enjoyable for me, I’m sure this will be the first of many celebrations for me.  I look forward to sharing the celebration with more people.  I often make enough food for many, many people, I’d love to share fruit eating with more people.  I’m off to hopefully make a smoothie soon.  I haven’t made a smoothie days, I’ve been mostly snacking on mangos, over and over again.  This is something I’ll have to remedy soon.  My husband has said my smoothies are addictive, and I’ve pretty much abandoned that to focus on staying 100% myself.  It was honestly, nice to have a break from making smoothies, but now I want them back!


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