Starting Over Wtih My 30 Day Challenge…

So, I attempted to start a 30 day low fat raw vegan(lfrv) challenge on the 4th of July…apparently, I wasn’t really ready. I suppose, the experience of eating lfrv for months at a time wasn’t really enough for me to jump back in it. Although I’ve been eating mostly (70-80%) lfrv for months now, in a sense I really had to start all the way back over.

I’ve also started over with my dream journeying. I’ve been re-reading the book “Dreams are Letters From the Soul” by Connie Kaplan and I joined her online dream circle. I’ve had powerful dreams all my life and a very similar “mystic’s disease” as Connie Kaplan explains in her book. I’ve had this book for about 3 years and I have read passages, chapters and sections of the book many times over and the whole book at least twice. I’m almost done with my third go-round.

This time, I really see where I veered off the path. This time, I really see what the purpose of it is, what it all really means to me. I had a lot of self-importance before. It was self-importance to help people, but it was still self-importance and based in pleasing my ego. I come at this with a very different outlook now, but I still have to focus on not wanting to control or attach myself to outcomes.

The third thing I’m starting over with is my business goals. Years and years ago I came up with business proposals, marketing strategies and I even went so far as to get clients and start programs. Usually my thing has been to offer free trial periods and to work for donations.  I have however, gotten caught up in the philosophy and image of  consumerism, the economy, etc.  Most of my working life, my adult life, started as the American economy took its first plummet towards the disorder we have right now.   I’m redefining my goals of having a sustainable small business that can eventually travel with me.

Last, I’m redefining my family relationship.  I’m committing to non-violent communication and finding ways to bridge gaps in communication within my immediate and extended family.  I’ve realized a lot of pent up frustrations, mis-communication and pride has kept a lot of relationships in my family on an unsteady decline and I’m moving to fix those things in the next 30 days.

Also, this blog is my way of nurturing and prioritizing my goals for myself.  Through this transparency and regularity I’ll be able to really see the influences on success, outcomes and decisions I make.  Likewise, through my diet, I am able to see the influence my physical health has on the mental, emotional, spiritual, social, etc. There is so much more to come.


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