Incomplete Drafts

This past week, I’ve written many drafts I haven’t finished. I’ve been under a lot of stress and letting things melt away. I’ve been going through transformations and letting things settle in. I’ve been making decisions and choices and cultivating new attitudes, priorities and habits.

Budgeting, I realize is something I need to check on more often…possibly, probably daily. I got a great deal at the farmer’s market last weekend. I got 5 very ripe honeydews for $1 each, I got 4 boxes of 12 mangoes for $5 each, I also got a bunch of nectarines, kiwis, grapes, bananas, organic lettuce and of course squash. On the down side, I got take-out about 4 times this month and I’ve yet to completely plan my meals out… I got burnt out on making 4+ meals all day everyday and started under-eating. In some cases I would make food for everyone but not eat anything myself…this definitely pushed me back.

I also got a ton of Valencia oranges, and we had one of our traditional orange parties last night while watching “The Legend of The Seeker” before bed. We all woke up early this morning and did Sadhana at 5am. This is the only time we’ve all been up doing yoga… we did mostly breathwork and spontaneous/intuitive yoga, one of the best types of yoga to do with kids, I think and our background music was The Red Hot Chili Peppers… that was the plus of the day.

Now, I’m just trying to get back on track with my lifestyle goals, which will include a run before bed tonight, which means right now, pretty much. I promise to update and be more responsible now that I’ve back-slipped and learned my lesson.

I’ll be renewing my 30 day challenge and adding to it a 30 day business challenge, once I realize what goals I want to attempt in terms of business.

Peace and peaches.


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