My 30 Day Raw Challenge And Parenting…


That's a zucchini seed tear.

So, yesterday was super, duper hot! My 10 month old has been walking since the 4th of July.  Tuesday I ate several bananas, watermelon, a banana/nectarine smoothie, strawberry fruit bars, and a mango banana smoothie. That’s really not all though. It was a tough day and the sneezing and runny nose was tough.  The meal from the 4th of July was just a little too much for me, I think.  Too complicated.  I was too ambitious and wanted to make a festive meal, but I realized, I wasn’t really doing it for me.  I wanted to please my family, and whenever I try to do that, it doesn’t work!

DH(Raa Shambo) informed me he would not be doing this challenge with me.  He complains about everything I make and I call him Mr. Picky.  My daughter is becoming this way too, but she’s much easier.  I realized the best way to feed her is in mono-meals.  She was an exclusively mono-meal kinda girl, until she was 3 years old, when social situations became curious to her, and she started asking for complicated things, and detesting mono-meals.  I guess that phase is over.  It took me a minute to understand why she wasn’t eating her food anymore, but I got it now.  Yesterday she made kebabs out of the blueberries we had left.  I also let her eat several plums at a time, and oranges.

I wasn’t sure that oranges were in season any longer, but I bought some at the flea market and they are great!  I’ll get more next time.  Another thing I realized about my daughter is that she isn’t super fond of eating fruit that is juicy or messy by herself.  She likes me to chop it all up and put it in a bowl for her… check that.   Yesterday I went to the store around 5pm.

It was still very, very hot here in Sacramento, and I was walking, with my daughter.  I had to go get water, so I wanted to go before it got dark.  I broke my challenge trying to find something to fuel me on the way back home.  I wanted a salad, but all the salads there had meat in them, except one.  It had pasta, spinach, roasted red peppers and olives.  I really felt like I needed something to eat, and the fruit there wasn’t ripe, nor did any of the pre-packaged fruit seem caloric or price-efficient, enough.

Whatever the case may be, I ate a cooked snack yesterday, and started this raw challenge again today.  Today, I had a banana/apricot smoothie for breakfast.  Again, I forgot that I need to shift my focus on my meals.  I was making this to please Raa, who doesn’t want mono banana smoothies…but he wasn’t even home at the time, and I could’ve made another smoothie for him if he wanted.

I drank half of the smoothie and when he came back home he devoured the rest, right as I was getting ready to finish it.  I sulked a bit and ate some nectarine, drank some water and then I made another smoothie.  I finished that one.

I monitored my daughter’s eating really well today.  I told her to finish her food and in two hours she could eat more.  She ate a few mono-meals of plums.  She snacked on cucumber, and ate one of the tacos I made… speaking of tacos.  After the smoothie I made another meal.  I loved it so much, I decided I’m going to do my first video on this meal when we get our new RV.

The kitchen in it really inspires me to make videos.  So I made White Nectarine Double-Decker Raw Vegan Tacos.  I used a combo of parsley, dill and scallions for extra flavor.  I’ve never used dill before and I really liked it.  Somehow my taco tasted a little salty, I’m thinking maybe it was the dill.  As for the parsley, with my sore palate, I think I’ll avoid eating parsley straight for a while, it was tough to chew, and I think as much as scallions help with cooked food cravings for me, if I’m not really craving anything I won’t use them, and if I do, I need to remember that a little bit goes a long way.

Now, I’m going to make a mango/banana smoothie with the remainder of the bananas we have, and hope for a miracle tomorrow(ripe bananas or a deal on mangoes).  I’m also going to re-do my budget tomorrow.  I did a quick glance at it and realized we have gone about $20 over budget so far.  But I put in lots of cushion room in our budget.  Another thing I did today was plan out my unschooling approach.  My daughter is almost 4 years old.  But I’ve known I would unschool her since before she was born.  When she was a baby I kept a notebook on all the things she was learning, all the things I was learning from her, all my ideas about things I wanted to teach her and all the characteristics she had that I thought should be noted when learning with her.

Over the years, I’ve put together many lists of things we’ve been learning and things I want to teach her and how.  I did elimination communication with her, starting at 8 months and she was using the potty successfully and regularly before age 2.  We’re doing the same thing with my now 10 month old.  We’re also doing some sign language, and learning spanish, and my oldest is pretty well versed about health and nutrition.  She knows a lot about human anatomy, childbirth, and child/maternal health for humans and other animals, but I realize she needs more regularity with this and more active learning.

My main goals the remainder of this summer are to get us on a good schedule.  Since it is so hot that will mean waking up very early, and swimming more often, they both have to learn to swim.  I’m also working on barriers related to our breastfeeding relationship.  Also, I need to go to the market on Saturday and Sunday and stock up both days.  My shopping for the week was not planned out so well.  My apricots didn’t ripen and I really didn’t have enough sweet fruit to last through the week.  I finished my last batch of bananas with the smoothie.  Here’s to a produce co-op and buying from a wholesale distributor in the next week or so!

P.S. Today we watched this awesome video from about a year ago.   It helped put things into perspective.  We decided to do a follow-up video that we’ll record later this week. Okay, well, I’ll figure out how to put the video up, and put them both up at the same time. It was the last time I was very dedicated to this lifestyle, immediately before we moved to Sacramento.


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