Day 1 Raw Vegan Challenge & 4th of July Success!

I started planning this challenge a few weeks ago.  Before I even went 100% I started eating more raw food than I was before.  For months I would eat raw until dinner time, at which I would eat as much rice(usually) as I could handle with veggies.  The past few weeks I’ve been making 3 course meals for dinner, 2 being raw and severely cutting down my salt intake, which wasn’t really high to begin with, but certainly had an impact anyway.  Before I started this challenge yesterday, my face had already been clearing up and I’d been  letting out the extra mucus that goes with eating a lot of grains.

Yesterday I made a smoothie for breakfast, and we ate a melon and tacos(apricot, cucumber, bell pepper in romaine leaves) for lunch.  The day went by faster than I thought, and when I went to get skewers for my kebobs, I couldn’t find any.  I got bamboo chopsticks instead, and when I went to attempt putting my red, white and blue fruit on the chopsticks, it didn’t quite work.  The bananas would all break apart as I pushed them up the length of the chopsticks…oh well.  It became a red, white and blue salad.

Like I said the day went by really fast, so we were all very hungry and I didn’t get good pictures at all, I barely got pictures.  My red component to my menu was a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie.  I actually made this by mistake a few days ago, so an “aha” went off in my head, 4th of July and Strawberry Shortcake totally go together, right?  Basically, I put 2 bags of frozen strawberries, about 4-6 large nectarines and about 4 ounces of coconut water in a blender and pulsed it.  I like it a little chunky and it makes it seem kinda cake-y.  Unless your nectarines are organic, you probably want to peel the skins off.

Lastly, I knew I needed to bring out the spiralizer.  I noodled 8 medium sized Mexican squash, and made a soup to put it in.  I used the chunks from the spiralized squash and about 22 ounces of coconut water, as well as 2 peeled limes and blended it all up pretty good.  I poured that over the noodles and voila, Coconut-Lime Noodle Soup!  It was quite good… make sure you taste your limes beforehand and that they are sweet and ripe.

I went back for seconds and thirds and there was still some noodle soup leftover.  We were so full we didn’t even open a watermelon, and watermelon is usually the only fruit most people have on 4th of July!  It was a hot day and I stayed hydrated, but I certainly could’ve drank more water and eaten better earlier in the day, especially in between lunch and dinner and when I was making dinner.  I have no clue how many calories I ate yesterday and I didn’t do any mono-meals, but I’m satisfied with this first day of my transition.

This morning I woke-up a little runny-nosed, but I am in no way disappointed.  I’ll take a runny nose right now over a cooked meal, easily.  My daughter also told me that she wanted to do 30 days raw, like me, so her first full day will be tomorrow.  (She ate rice crackers this morning).  I’m off to post my dream in a dreaming circle and then I’ll get started on my next meal of the day!  Here’s pictures of my 4th of July meal:

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