Starting 30 Days Raw on 4th of July!

$45 worth of produce, all I could fit in my cart!

Today I got $45 worth of fruit at the flea market at Folsom Blvd.  I got 4 honeydew(they were $2 each, but they gave them to me @ 2 for $3, cause I buy so much!) and 3 watermelon($2.50each).  Tons of nectarines, apricots and zucchini.  I also got jicama, lettuce, oranges, 14 limes and 3 huge bags of bananas, totally ripe.  I actually forgot to get mangoes!

Here’s my menu for tomorrow:  Raw Strawberry Shortcake, Red/White/Blue Fruit Kabobs, and Coconut Noodle Soup.  We’ll probably also eat watermelon tomorrow.  I can’t tell you the ingredients of my concoctions yet, but if you come back tomorrow I’ll have the recipes and pictures…

I also have plums, tomatoes, and some celery, bell pepper and carrots in the house and with this I’ll be planning my menu for the week.

We already ate all the honeydew and several banana+ smoothies.  I can’t wait to celebrate freedom and show the pictures of my (relative) first day of living a high carb raw vegan life, again.


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