A Day of Renewal

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Recently I’ve prepared to become more dedicated to the lifestyle choices I choose. I choose to eat a high carb, mostly raw vegan diet and I choose to be a dedicated yogi and Kundalini yoga teacher. I’ve eaten this way for about 3 years, and yet, I’ve never been completely regular with it. I’ve been a Kundalini Yoga teacher for 5 years, but I’ve never taught regularly, either.

This month I was able to up my quantity of raw fruit eating for my family, and at the end of the month I was able to stick to $100 budget for 10 days, for all of us. Two adults, a 3 year old and my 10 month old, who can do some damage to stone fruits, bananas and smoothies. I spent $65 at the flea market this past weekend (yes, I said flea market, it is in walking distance for me), and we bought a bunch of discount (near or fully ripe) bananas. We also already had plenty of bulk rice and we bought some veggies and frozen strawberries. I had a lot of fun coming up with raw meals. My husband likes some excitement, there are few things he really likes to mono-meal since we have been out of that habit for a while.

Today I was able to organize, budget and plan for the next month like I have never been able to do during our entire journey as a family.  Now I know I have a good selection of fruit, close to me that I can get easily at a good price.  I know how many calories my family needs, what kinds of meals work for us, and I know that we are ready to eat a lot more raw, and for me all raw.  My new goal for the month of July is to make 100% raw food meals for my family.  My husband might get something cooked, I don’t know.  But I know that he is agreeable with the goal of raw vegan living and he will do what he can at his own pace…it just happens that his pace will be fueled by mostly fruit meals made by me.

I’m going to keep track of this journey regularly, because in 6 years of being on the raw vegan path, I feel like consistency is best kept through the contemplation gained through writing(or typing), for me.  I figure by now, having “transitioned” in and out of this diet and similar raw endeavors I should be an expert at the art of transitioning by now.  It is time to put it all together, “show my work”, and graduate from this lifestyle of being almost there.  Dr. Doug Graham gave my husband the advice to put together a Co-op to help afford this lifestyle, and while I see now that I can do this without a Co-op, it  is something I’ve been working on for almost two years, since we were first given that advice, so I definitely see the need for this for my family and others in my area who either want to eat a raw vegan diet or just want to eat more fruits and veggies.

Thanks to http://www.30bananasaday.com I was able to decide on some great food combos, prices I am comfortable with and various other important parts to this lifestyle…food is just the first part of the equation.  The goal will be 3 meals a day that equal to 1500 calories each for me (4’11, 90lbs.), 2000 calories for him(6’1, 170lbs.) and 500 calories for my daughter.  A year ago we thought 3000 calories was enough for us, and even before that, I thought 3000 calories was too much for me.  After trying to eat that quantity though, I found that it was easy and I need around 3500 calories, and I believe my husband needs about 6000 calories a day.

Part two of this renewal is a re-commitment to the yogic lifestyle.  The main goals are to do Sadhana  (a regular, spiritual Kundalini yoga practice) and karma yoga(the yoga of service), as well as to be career yogis.  We got together over 6 years ago and immediately began a Kundalini yoga teacher training, which also introduced us to raw vegan eating.  It was a tough path to follow, and though we’ve never stopped or abandoned the yogic path, we’ve been disillusioned and jaded by the results of our yogic endeavors.  We are both feeling that it is time to renew our dedication to daily Sadhana and this will be documented in this here blog as well.

Finally, I’ll be renewing my lifestyle in various other ways.  I’m revamping my parenting techniques, creative endeavors, spirituality and my fitness.  I started this day with a run down a busy street at rush hour, morning traffic.  Well, I started this day disagreeing with my husband about whether it was cold outside.  I still don’t understand his frustration with me about it, but he told me to go for a run.  I intended to avoid doing what he wanted me to do, but I left him inside and went for walk.  However, my legs were itching and I just had to run (by the way, I don’t know the last time I went running).

Once I started I didn’t want to stop!  When I came back I was kinda short of breath.  I drank a ton of water and did my yoga for the day.  The kids were still asleep and my husband was playing a computer game(more on that later).  I did a few push-ups as well.  I will do more yoga tonight before bed and set my alarm for 4am ambrosial hour Sadhana tomorrow, but first, I promised my daughter a funky reggae dance party, and a run around the block, and I need her to lay on my knees so I can lift her a few times too.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month, and I am prepared like I haven’t been in a very long time.  Living in Sacramento has proved to be a very interesting change in internal and external scenery for me.  In some ways, my senses have been dulled by the relative comfort compared to living in Blythe, CA, where I lived last.  Also adjusting to the changes in my family, and friends atmosphere, and breastfeeding two children.  Thanks to Anne Osborne(www.fruitgod.com) for the inspiration to relactate my 3 year old.

Also, with this blog I am focusing on how I see myself and how I present myself to others.  With this intention I will be writing about the things that matter to me, what I’m experiencing, what I want to see in the world, and intend to expand my worldview and attract people who see me for who I truly am, and whom I can be accountable, helpful and supportive to.  I’ve challenged myself to be less flaky and be responsible about the kind of company I keep and the role I allow myself to take with others.  This blog is where you come into my life, and I come into yours, and we inspire, transform and show the truth of ourselves and the world around us.  I look forward to sharing this adventure with you, and learning more as we go!

(P.S. I’m 4featherstory on twitter and mera/featherstory on 30bad, for more communication avenues)


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