A Wake-Up Crash!

The Impact

It is a warm day in Sacramento, CA.  It is a little after 3pm and I am carbing up to go buy a fan at the flea market before it closes…I will be walking.  Yesterday I actually got into the first car crash of my life.  My husband and two daughters (8mos. and 3yrs.) were in the car and we are all fine, but it was shocking and we feel ready to cancel our subscription to carville.  It was something we were considering anyway…wanting in fact, but the car accident certainly cemented and sped up that decision.

It was so much like those commercials, where the family is in a car, talking, laughing, and all of a sudden SMASH!  Ouch, ouch, ouch, we seemed to spin forever and hit over and over again.  It seemed to never stop.  My immediate thoughts centered around how much I dislike cars, how unsafe they seem and how isolating it was for me to get to my children promptly.  No one was hurt in either car, but it was very scary.

The accident happened because we ran a red light.  We were following behind a car that went through the light and didn’t see that the light was red until it was too late.  I remember seeing the car that hit us turning, and saying, is it gonna hit, then telling my husband to watch out for the car, but I didn’t think it was going to hit us or that it was that close.  It seemed like we had plenty of time, but still I was telling him to turn and he didn’t seem to see it, or hear me or know what I was talking about.  It is all a blur and I’m not even sure I had a chance to get my full sentence out.

My husband said sorry many times, but I didn’t feel like he needed to.  I felt like we had pushed ourselves too much that day, like we have many times before.  I felt like I should have let him eat more, and that we shouldn’t have been on the road at that moment.  Earlier in the day we had determined that we wanted to make more money for food.  It was one day until we got paid, but due to various out of the ordinary expenses we were low on money and felt that we needed more food.  We live close to a weekend flea market so we walked to it and tried to get money for some things, but the store owners bluntly told us we’d get much more money, as a matter of fact almost nothing for it there, if we took it back to Wal-Mart.

This was on another very warm day, walking back and forth, a low-food, under carbed day, and we decided to drive to Wal-mart, which wasn’t in walking distance.  We drove there, got our exchange and got food.  There was an old woman in the parking lot staring as my husband slammed fruit down his mouth and I felt self-conscious about it.  I felt like she was judging and sneering, maybe she was, maybe I was .  I put the pressure on my husband and we ended up leaving.  I felt like I should have let him eat more, and I should’ve eaten more too.  Whatever the case may be it has fueled our desire to stay carbed up, budget better and live more sustainably and efficiently.  These have always been our goals, but things have transitioned in our lives in a way to make it more immediate and more of a priority…particularly this car crash, which has deemed us officially car-free since 2008.

We are very excited about this journey.  We had finally really embraced natural hygiene down to the fullest degree.  No salt, no spices, sweet fruits and vegetables, low-fat, we only cooked when necessary, due to our budgeting needs, and yesterday, because we went to Wal-mart for our food, we had to get salted and processed and packaged foods, because calorically and strangely, these foods are cheaper than natural fruits and vegetables.  The produce there was also tragically under-ripe.  We did score some tropical fruit cups on sale.  They were papaya and pineapples in white grape juice.  This is a great emergency food item, for the fruitarian or raw fooder who has to buy from a regular grocery store and besides conventional strawberries, was the only ripe fruit we found.

We got no-salt corn chips, salted canned beans and canned tomatoes, rice, cabbage, orange juice and frozen broccoli and bell pepper strips. We already had raisins, spring water and lettuce.  When we came back to our motor home from the accident we ate chips and beans and tomato dip, and the children went to sleep while watching movies.  My husband and I watched more movies having a hard time falling asleep, with our headaches and shock.  Today…my throat is swollen and sore.  I’m struggling to eat enough I have phlegm and mucus coming out of me and I am ready to start anew.  As soon as we have the money to do so we will be purchasing bikes and bike trailers, as well as monthly rail passes, since the light rail is also very close to where we live now.  We are excited.


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