Mystic Come Union

About Me: I am a mystic, my ideals are not my ideals, but they are certainly not a part of the mainstream… I am not going against the flow, I am immersed in the strength of the river.  I prefer my life to be this way.  This blog is for you, for me… whether you’re interested in living a mystic lifestyle, or understanding it, or just interested.

Things I value are extreme mental health for myself and my family, extreme physical health and spiritual health as well.  I value nature and the ability to eat food that makes me feel good, that I enjoy and that I can connect directly to the nourishing love of mother nature… of this great earth… of Aniweda… the spirit, the story, the body of the land that nourishes me.  I see her as a God-Mother.

Things I don’t value, but respect that others do, and will not judge you about living a lifestyle completely different from mine, as long as you feel good about it, are:  politics, money, “The American Dream”, in general does not appeal to me…

I am living the Aniweda(n) Dream.  That, to me, is accepting the will of the universe, the Great Cosmic and Earthly forces, and enjoying the rollercoaster ride.  I believe everyone has the right to feel ecstatic.  To decide how they would like to live, and to be encouraged to follow their own path.  I believe that this “American” society, discourages that… encourages the opposite… societal standards that do not work for all or probably even most of us.  I don’t think there is any possibility that there could be any ‘shit-stem’ that works for a ton of people, who don’t personally and directly have authority over their own lifestyle.  So whatever governments and less visible structures of conformity that limit the freedom of others, I am not interested in.  I am interested in showing people that 1. I am my own author(ity)… 2. If you want to be your own author(ity), you can be too.  3. When people take care of themselves, without the pressure of fitting into roles that are encouraged to create conformity, people are actually less chaotic, less violent, more productive, cooperative and compassionate.

And I am a work in progress, as much as everyone else is.  I think we’re all equal… whether you’re in jail, whether you’re taking care of a huge family dutifully all day, every day, whether you work at an office 70 hrs. a week, whether you’re in high school, homeless, hospitalized… whatever the case may be, I feel we’re all capable of equal quantity and quality of living.  I think a lot of the social, emotional, mental, health-related issues in our society are created by our society and the massive inability to allow diversity in life.

I feel an extreme connection to the metaphysical/soul-conscious journey of this life I am living, this body I am wielding, this world we are co-creating, and reaching out, speaking out and even showing out in a mystical communion that works for me.  My goal is to harm none and be a vehicle for nurture and nature… I see no difference in the two.


What Chu Say?

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