What does this blog mean to me?  I’m not sure of the direction it will take right now, but Aniweda, is a native american word that represents the spirit of the land we live on… the seven year old mother/goddess.

As I immerse in my desert California environment I connect to a land I was taught to call America, and yet I never connected to a continuity in the concept of this land in what “America” represents in the mainstream, or as it was taught to me in public school  education.

What I did connect to was a paradigm of a playful, innerconnected community (notice unity) that I could grasp inside myself but could not articulate or express/experience with others.  This is likely my attempt to express and experience with others the power of Aniweda(Vnewetv) from the piece of the land that nourishes my body at present, and the pieces of the past and future that exist and affect simultaneously.


What Chu Say?

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