It’s Been A LONG TIME Coming

Hey there,

I’m writing to let you know this site is being merged with a new site now.  Actually with 2, maybe 3 of my sites.  I’ll be writing more about fruit-focused Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, Tantra Yoga as a lifestyle, for parents/care-takers, healers and leaders, looking for flow, intentional communication and sacred relationships with self, the yogic energy bodies and loved ones, dependents, partners, collaborators and clients.

Be patient, because it will take a little while to get it all set up, a couple weeks to a couple months to get from, “basically usable”, to “totally bangin'”, but the old posts from this site will be up in a few days max (hopefully right away) and new blogs will be posted weekly.

Thanks for your patience!

Sat nam,

Siri Mera Kaur

Creativity Update

So as I wrote the last time I joined The Supreme Sound course with Simrit.  During the first couple weeks of that I started recording a lot of music.  Some of them turned out okay and I’m planning to re-record them soon.  I’ve recently shared a first draft of one on my facebook page.

In addition to that I opened up my healing arts space.  I write about it on my facebook page too, all apart of the same thing.

I’ve been reading a fair amount and I edited some of my poetry and sent about 6-8 pieces to my dad for father’s day.  He is my biggest supporter and he hasn’t read anything I’ve written in a while, so that was nice.

I also found a poet I really like who has decided to trade reading/critiquing pieces with me.

I’m dancing again and should be teaching soon. Now I just need to write more, record some spoken word and find my way back into acting & performing(which I’m in talks to begin).

Healing & Spa Services

Henna hand-size design- $15 Henna

2 hands or hands+arm-$25

Henna feet + hands-$35

Henna feet-$25

Henna child or pregnant small- $25-35 (+ meditation/healing package- add $25)

Henna pregnant large-$45 Henna pregnant + meditaton/healing package-$65 (an hour)

Reiki & Reflexology:

Reiki or Reflexology feet- 15 minutes $15

Reflexology feet+hands-45 minutes $35

Reiki and/or Reflexology-1 hour; $45 an hour

Reiki and/or Reflexology- 90 minutes; $65

Body Image/Style Consulting & Meditation: $45/hour

Life & Wellness Coaching: $45/hour

Advanced Meditation:

Sound healing/breathwork/visualization $65/hour

$75/90 minutes (discounts available for packages)

Breastfeeding Counseling: by donation

*Any services can be combined or customized upon request

*All services may be beneficial to and specifically catered to inducing labor, decreasing discomfort in pregnancy and postpartum pains.

*Specials include the $1 bindi, $5 baby-coming reflexology session, $5 healing sessions with $20 V.I.P. card for children (w/ special needs) and couples henna dates for $20 when you book 2 or more in a row.  Henna Parties and Henna/Yoga/Red Tent Celebrations are also available for menarch (first menstruation parties), pregnancy and postpartum.


Henna is a calming, relaxing form of body art that was used traditionally in India, Africa, and Middle East.  It was known for it’s healing properties.  It creates a gentle semi-permanent reddish-brown stain on skin that can last up to a few weeks. It can be a meditative process to help you relax and remember goals and positive thoughts through the visual designs.  I specialize in mandalas of the chakras.

Reiki and reflexology are forms of energy healing that can help you to become relaxed, relieve stress and help your body to heal.  Reiki uses subtle energy to help you achieve balance in your body and is similar to a form of meditation, to help your mind and body self-heal.  I prefer to use breathwork and meditation alongside Reiki to create a powerful source of healing energy.

Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet and hands that correspond to certain organs in the body.  A special service is using reflexology to naturally induce labor.

Sound healing is using sound, tones, music, frequencies and mantras to create balance, motivation, peacefulness and other positive intentions and references in the brain regarding certain topics, events, memories or struggles.  I prefer to use Sound healing and breathwork together to create a more powerful source of energy.

Breathwork is a form of meditation that uses breathing techniques and breathing control to relieve stress, create relaxation, and unblock blockages of energy in the body and mind.  It can be used to help facilitate self-healing and a sense similar to self-hypnosis.

Schedule an appointment or contact me here:

Located at Dress Your Hair Salon at 3830 Washington Rd. Suite 31, Martinez, GA