KarmaIsABiz: The Local Solution for Small Biz Sustainability

Are you wondering if you really need a website or if your website is even helping you? Are you wondering if you really need social media, if you’re doing it right and if it’s helping?

Are you feeling frustrated finding good workers, good ideas, and loyal customers for your business? If so, it’s probably because you’re working mostly alone without a community or a sustainable plan to make your biz do-able.

Here’s a solution: stop worrying about your website, online marketing, promotions, etc.

Join Karmaisabiz: a community-based program for small and tiny businesses and contractors.

We’ll have one website, we share that will automatically receive more traffic than most small businesses will receive alone.

You’ll have a page on the website and regular, consistent, high-quality blog posts and ads posted on the main page.

You’ll have your own social media pages, but they will be filled with great content created for you or with you, on a theme, and will include co-promoting as a course of action. So your posts will go on other members’ social media pages as well.

We’ll have joint marketing events, collaboration opportunities, and training to help you figure out your business literature, branding, aesthetic, tone, and more. We’ll also help you and teach you how to train contractors or employees, reach new audiences, and create loyalty and relevancy in your community.

You may work with interns, apprentices, those you may have thought of as competition. But there will be no competition! You can join for free for your first 30 days!

Who are your leaders? We have experience in education, writing, marketing, start-ups, business management, and much more! We’ll also utilize your skills. Some of your customers will be members of the collective and we’ll help you create new packages that help you stand out, tap into current needs/trends/new communities and inspire loyalty and notoriety in the community.

We are currently only working within a small community and only a small number of businesses/professionals in each field. If your business is in Georgia or South Carolina, especially the CSRA and Columbia, SC metro area and you’re interested in working to have a family-friendly business, in collaboration with your community and other professionals and businesses? Do you have the time to put in 5-10 hours a week to learn, specify, schedule, collaborate, communicate, and approve new strategies in your business?

Do you have a marketing budget of at least $75 a month? If not, you can work with us for free for a month and see if you feel better about that budget after your one month trial.

Then expect to pay $50-75 a month on marketing and/or extra services. Our membership will be $250 a year; $80/quarter or $25 a month.

Interested? Join at Karmaisabiz

Menu Plan Monday

This is actually an old menu plan that I didn’t post back in April when I was traveling.  Right now I can say I’m eating mostly bananas, then bananas w/ frozen fruit in smoothie form and then sometimes the same thing for dinner or either rice noodles, vegan homemade pizza, potatoes w/ okra, rice w/ okra, green salad, etc.  Breakfast might also be datorade, watermelon or some fruit salad combo w/ peaches & plums.  Tonight I made a quinoa dish for dinner and ate smoothies all day before that.

Fruitarian raw vegan salad

Fruit salad made in April 2013.

Grocery List for this week:  Bananas, dates, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, oranges or pears or berries(whatever can be found), apples, avocado, pineapple, coconut water, carrots, raisins.

Sunday: Breakfast: Banana icecream  Lunch: Salad w/ hemp seeds & citrus & raisin Dinner: beet/cabbage slaw & rice salad w/ citrus & pineapple

Monday:  Breakfast: banana icecream  Lunch: Salad w/ nuts & grapefruit & berries Dinner: cinnamon raisin rice  & beet/cabbage slaw

Tuesday: Breakfast: Banana icecream Lunch: Pine nut hummus w/ tomato/citrus maybe tahini Dinner: Rice in lettuce wraps w/ tomatoes & cooked veg soup (beets, carrots, zucchini)

Wednesday: Breakfast: Bananas & citrus Lunch: Grab & go snackies  Dinner: Potatoes & curry salad

Thursday: Fruit salad Lunch: Dates stuffed with berries & bananas in coconut water Dinner: Curry rice in lettuce wraps

Friday: Bananas in coco water Lunch: Pineapple/fruit in lettuce Dinner: bell peppers stuffed w/ berries & guac & cuke chips

Saturday: banana berry icecream  Lunch: Green salad w/citrus/hemp Dinner: Potatoes & cuke/tomato/citrus salad

Sunday: Mono fruit of choice Lunch: Dates & berries & mint Dinner: apple/cashew butter “sandwiches” Dinner 2: pasta salad


This is where you can check out more menu plans(tons more):

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What Is Sadhana?


立石光正 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On this blog you will hear me talk about sadhana a lot.  It is basically a dedicated(hopefully daily) spiritual practice, specifically a yogic practice.

A traditional sadhana as taught by Yogi Bhajan is done in the ambrosial hours(before the sun rises) and includes chanting, meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and at least one kriya that is repeated daily for a period of time, hopefully to mastery.  A cold shower before yoga is recommended.

It’s a great way to begin each day.  Sadhana can be done with a group(and is great that way) or alone.

Most Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings will require sadhana practice.  I fell in love with Sadhana during my teacher training.  Yoga festivals (such as 3HO Solstices, Sat Nam Fest, Wanderlust, etc.) also have sadhana, and many yoga centers in various cities also have sadhana, though the hours are usually not the traditional hours (4-6:30am).  Sadhana classes are often free or by donation.  It is usually a more relaxed, meditative and atmospheric class than a regular yoga class, but there is definitely a portion of the sadhana that is great work-out.

If you’re doing sadhana on your own, in private, it’s important to have a good location in which to practice.  You can however do sadhana at whatever time works best for you.  If you’re not experienced I’d recommend sticking to a sadhana organized or recommended for you by a yoga or spiritual teacher.  If you are experienced, feel free to experiment.

My sadhana has at times consisted of transformational (reichian) breathwork and ecstatic yogic dance, along with chanting and meditation.  At other times I would do traditional kundalini yoga warm-ups, pranayama, a couple of kriyas, meditation and chanting.  Sometimes I split my sadhana into morning and evening.  Doing just an hour in the morning of meditating with music and doing a very simple (non-noisy) kriya, usually spinal kriya, so as not to disturb others sleeping, and reserving my energy to move with force and ability to chant loudly for my evening sadhana.

For more information about setting up your own Sadhana practice, check out this article.  Sadhana Q & A with Yogi Bhajan

For Kundalini Yoga and spiritual practice advice check out Siri Mera Kaur, where you can sign up for a free “Bliss Path E-course” to get you started on the yogic path.